About us

You, as people with Amaquella deserve to be here. I see all around me tourists who will never appreciate what they see, but you people have worked to be here you appreciate this, you will forever be adventure people. Make sure you are always an adventure person, ama q’ella.

— Henry (Peruvian Tour Guide)

Who are we?

We, the founders of Amaquella, are both graduates from Loughborough University where we were fortunate enough to be involved in a vast amount of extra curricular activities. This also allowed us to experience every level of the Loughborough Rag (Raise and Give) framework. Whether this was dealing with students concerns, charity dealings, fundraising efforts, or managing trips internally. What is key to the foundations of Amaquella is we have both experienced international trips as students, team leaders and tour operators, highlighting our understanding of the market we operate in. It is with this knowledge and expertise that we provide a transparent model that puts Amaquella in a prime position within the student travel market. An ever developing business looking to offer something truly unique.

About us

There are 3 ancient Inca Laws, Ama Sua, Ama Lula and Ama Quella, literally translating to Don’t Lie, Don’t Steal and Don’t Be Lazy. With our founding in the beautiful region of Peru, we encourage everyone involved in our trips that laziness will never lead discovery and certainly not on the level you can expect with us.

Amaquella specialise in providing students with a once in a lifetime adventure to Peru. Our offering is made up of the stunning Salkantay trek over the course of 5 days ending at Machu Picchu, as well as a selection of incredible add-on opportunities. As part of the experience, Amaquella take students on the longest set of zip lines in the world, an amazing rope swing through the centre of the sacred valley and the opportunity to travel to the highly unique Huacachina to maximise your Peruvian experience.

The latest addition to our offering is named Dash to Dubrovnik, a unique trip that’s Amaquella’s very own. It is a road rally challenge across Europe aiming to reach the checkered flag in Dubrovnik. Aside from the driving itself, there are multiple additional challenges on the way, expect everything from laps of the Nurburgring, traversing the Stelvio Pass and cruising along the Croatian coast road. We give you a recommended route that takes you through 12 countries in 6 days and supply all but one of the hotels/hostels in order to keep the team together.

The trip itself starts in Dover where you catch the ferry and ends in Dubrovnik where you can either drive straight home or explore Europe a little further.

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, look no further.

How are we different?

Firstly, we try to be innovative with our selection of trips. We do not want to follow the crowd, we want to offer packages that can't be found elsewhere. Each year we develop a new and personalised trip executed and trialled by ourselves, ensuring the trip follows our philosophy of "we don't offer it, unless we have tried it and loved it".

Our packages include