Dash to Dubrovnik '18 - Loughborough

29 Jun - 6 Jul 2018
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Have you ever watched a Top Gear cheap car challenge and thought I would love to do that? This is your chance.

Amaquella has launched this brand new trip, Dash to Dubrovnik. Over the space of 7 days, you will take a £500 car of your choosing on one epic final journey. Beginning in the UK, you will cover 2000 miles across 12 countries. Along the way, expect to take in the sites of Brussels, Lake Garda, the Alps and Dubrovnik among others. If that wasn't enough, you'll not only have the chance to drive the famous Stelvio Pass, but you can also push your car to the limit around the Nurbergring.

Sign yourself up now, get your team together and if you don't have a team don't worry, drop us an email and we can arrange this for you. This is the start of the greatest adventure you could wish for.

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