STEPS Dash to Dubrovnik

18 Jun - 28 Jun 2020
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Have you ever watched a Top Gear Cheap Car Challenge and thought:

“That looks fun – I’d really like to try that!”

Well, this is your chance!

The Dash to Dubrovnik is back and better than ever before.

Over 6 days in June 2019, you will take a £500 car of your choice on one epic final journey.

After meeting at Dover, you will cover 2000 miles across 12 countries. Along the way, you can expect to experience the sights of Brussels, Lake Garda, the Alps, Slovenia and Dubrovnik to name but a few. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll not only have the chance to drive the famous Stelvio Pass, but you can also have an opportunity to push your car to its limits around the famous Nürburgring race track in Germany.

Get your team together and sign up now. This is the start of an epic, once in a lifetime, adventure.

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